Advanced and Diploma Courses

Classic Flower Design Diploma
Module One : Premier £ 3,200 Flowers and materials all included
Module Two : Advanced £ 3,200 Flowers and materials all included
If both Modules completed together £ 6,000
Advanced Module Two will only be available for those students who have completed Module One, or can show relevant skills to allow them to successfully complete the Advanced Module

The exciting area of flower design is the focus of this challenging and involving course of study. The structure of the course will take you on a journey that will let your creativity and imagination take flight, while a series of practical learning sessions will keep you firmly in control of the basic concept. 

Advanced Floral Design

You will encounter all aspects of commercial floral design: selecting, buying at the wholesale market, costing, time management, marketing, business planning and the all-important areas of promoting, and presenting yourself and your ideas.

Advanced Four Day Bridal Flowers
£750 - Flowers and materials all included.

This course is the complete A to Z of wedding flowers. A step up from our Two Day Wedding Flowers course, this bridal course is aimed specifically at people with some prior experience with flowers.

Intensive Flower Design
£3,995 Flowers and materials all included

This four week course concentrates on the contemporary approach when working with flowers. You will take inspiration from modern architecture, fashion, culture and craft. Design arrangements, sculpt with flowers and construct physical pieces that are works of art!

Intensive Floral Design
£825 Flowers and materials included for Intensive One
£1,600 if you book for both Intensive One and Two

Treat yourself and learn everything there is to know about flower design at the Covent Garden Academy of Flowers. Courses are suitable for all who either enjoy flowers and/or are lucky enough to already work with flowers.