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Advanced Floral Design
16 Weeks

This course is designed to encourage you to develop your own unique style of design, taking the skills and knowledge you already posses through to a more advanced level in the principles and application of flower design. During this course you will be introduced to business enterprise topics and activities and work related themes through a series of practical and structured learning sessions.

Advanced Four Day Bridal Flowers
4 days
£750 - Flowers and materials all included.

This course is the complete A to Z of wedding flowers. A step up from our two day Wedding Flowers course, this bridal course is aimed specifically at people with some prior experience with flowers.

Autumn Hand Tied
1 Day
£220 - Flowers and materials all included

A day to create with all the wonderful colours and forms that this magical season brings. The abundance of leaves, berries, nuts, fruits, and twigs are perfect for making this a day to remember. The colours always amaze us and by using tried and tested techniques you will learn how to bring all the different elements together to create stunning and effective table arrangements and centre pieces.

Academy Seasons - Christmas
1 or 2 Days
One Day £220
Two Days £390
Flowers and materials all included

The Academy courses for Christmas focus on the essentials. We will give you the skills needed to conjure up wonderful features for your doors, mantelpieces or tables from the tried and tested classic combinations of red, greens and gold. You will experiment with cutting edge styles and themes from all over the world.

Christmas Table Arrangement
1 Evening
£110 - Flowers and materials all included

Design and make a stunning table centre for your Christmas table from a range of seasonal flowers and foliage.

1 day
£220 - Flowers and materials all included

This inspirational day has been designed for individuals or groups who use flowers and foliage to enhance the church interior. Develop all the skills and techniques you need to create amazing arrangements, pedestals, alter flowers, garlands and pew ends.

Classic Flower Design Diploma
30 weeks, Module One 15 weeks, Module Two 15 weeks, both of which can be taken as standalone Modules.
Module One : Premier £ 3,200 Flowers and materials all included
Module Two : Advanced £ 3,200 Flowers and materials all included
If both modules completed together £ 6,000
Advanced module Two will only be available for those students who have completed Module One, or can show relevant skills to allow them to successfully complete the Advanced Module

The exciting area of flower design is the focus of this challenging and involving course of study. The structure of the course will take you on a journey that will let your creativity and imagination take flight, whilst a series of practical learning sessions based on realistic down-to-earth practises will keep you firmly in control of the basic concept. 

Contemporary Design
1 Evening
£110 - Flowers and materials all included

The evening will explore how flowers can adapt to the needs of the designer – through a series of exciting exercises you will explore how colour, form and textures inherent in nature can be utilised to fit into the modern interior.

Contemporary Design Course
1 Day
£220 - Flowers and materials all included

On this course, you will be taught how to think, design and create in a contemporary fashion.

Covent garden Experience
1 Day
£240 - Flowers and materials all included

This is the ultimate package for visitors to London. Arrive early and pay a special visit to the Covent Garden wholesale Flower Market with its bustle of traders surrounded by a sea of blooming colour and fragrance. Select your own flowers to take back to the Academy and enjoy a creative session on how to use them to design delightful arrangements.