30 weeks: Module One 15 weeks, Module Two 15 weeks, both can be taken as standalone Modules.
Two days a week, days to be confirmed on receipt of application.
Plus one study day.
Module One and Module Two have three intakes a year:
January, June and September
3rd June 2015 : Module One
21st September 2015: Module One
23rd September 2015 : Module Two
January 2016 : Module One
January 2016 : Module Two
10:30am – 4:00pm with some early starts at the Flower Market
Module One : Premier £ 3,200 Flowers and materials all included
Module Two : Advanced £ 3,200 Flowers and materials all included
If both Modules completed together £ 6,000
Advanced Module Two will only be available for those students who have completed Module One, or can show relevant skills to allow them to successfully complete the Advanced Module
Course description: 
Academy Classic Flower Design Diploma

The exciting area of flower design is the focus of this challenging and involving course of study. The structure of the course will take you on a journey that will let your creativity and imagination take flight, while a series of practical learning sessions will keep you firmly in control of the basic concept. 

You will encounter every aspect of the commercial flower business: selecting, buying at the wholesale market, costing, time management and the all-important areas of promoting and presenting yourself and your ideas. 

Along the course you will encounter design and craft techniques that will enhance your aesthetic appreciation – design layout, colour, form and themes combined with visualising techniques. you will work individually and as a member of a team on challenging projects and commercial contract installations in many prestigious venues.

Throughout the course you will be encouraged to build a portfolio of your work. This will be your passport to a successful career or the basis for starting your own business. you will finish your studies armed with the ability to design and install a wide variety of flower features, as well as the confidence to find your own personal style.

Summary of the course

Design theory, idea creation, sketchbook and portfolio development. This will cover research techniques.

Discover your skills in supporting the realisation of practical projects for flower design and the relationship to flowers and plant material.

Practical imaginative projects – this will help to develop skills for using special effects needed in flower design.

Explore the creative potential in flower design in seasonal events through the use of a wide range of flower and plant materials.

This will establish an awareness of design and planning required for special themes and events and enable you to apply skills and knowledge to the production of arrangements for sympathy tributes, Valentines Day, Easter and Christmas.

Creative Wedding Designs - Produce and develop ideas for client approval. Develop a range of interpretations for wedding bouquets, table flowers, church and various venues, including the principles of buying and costing.

Professional practice - bringing together the skills, knowledge and understanding from the specialist techniques you have studied. This will enable you to carry out a project with outcomes that are related to the professional art and design context. This will give you the ability to present your work in a professional way that will give you confidence in having found your own personal style, as well as developing skills in presentation and visualisation techniques. This will build and develop a professional portfolio.

Recent Testimonials
‘‘I look forward to coming in every week and never disappointed in the way it stretches me both artistically and mentally’
You will be challenged and inspired.’
‘I discovered talents in me I never knew I had’
‘I now run a shop with another lady I met on the course. I did the Classic because I loved flowers and was curious about a change. But I now find myself working as a florist and the Academy is absolutely responsible for getting me to this very happy place’
‘The Academy offered me work experience throughout my course, which was the perfect launchpad for my event floristry business, which I now run with a friend I met on the course’
‘The highlight of the course was finding out accountancy isn’t the only thing I’m able to do. And the second were the friends I made’