Flowers to me are the most amazing and beautiful creations. Nothing on earth can match their colours, textures, and fragrance. In my career I have worked with precious objects, textiles and antiques but flowers and foliage are living things. Some say this is their failing. The fact that they are transient, to me is their strength, continually renewing evolving and changing. Imagine the seasons, if it were perpetually autumn how tired we would be of orange, red and gold.

Flowers, singly or massed, have a vibrant life that along with foliage gives the designer an incomparable paint box of colour and an endless series of sculptural forms. From the bare structures of winter, the buds of spring, through the colourful spectacle of summer, to the glamour of autumn. 

The Academy courses will encourage your imagination to create. Our students will learn all the tricks and skills of the florist, but above and beyond that they will seize upon the potential for real design.

The journey is not only fascinating but truly involving, I can promise any one taking one of our courses that they can be life changing.

For centuries flowers have played a huge part in people’s lives for celebrations, ceremonies, great events or small occasions they bring nature into our daily existence, from the tiny posy of violets to a lavish arrangement, they have joy to bring us.

The Academy for me is the realisation of a dream.

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