Student Testimonials

Four Day Bridal Flowers Course

“The perfect follow-up to the Two Day Wedding Course. More wiring, Victorian posies and complicated briefs. An intensive experience which gives you skills for life.”

“I am now running my own weddinf floristry business. My specialty are headdresses.”
“Thank you to all the teachers. I have my first wedding client this summer!”

Classic Flower Design Diploma
‘I look forward to coming in every week and never disappointed in the way it stretches me both artistically and mentally’

‘You will be challenged and inspired.’

‘I discovered talents in me I never knew I had’

‘I now run a shop with another lady I met on the course. I did the Classic because I loved flowers and was curious about a change. But I now find myself working as a florist and the Academy is absolutely responsible for getting me to this very happy place’

‘The Academy offered me work experience throughout my course, which was the perfect launchpad for my event floristry business, which I now run with a friend I met on the course’

‘The highlight of the course was finding out accountancy isn’t the only thing I’m able to do. And the second were the friends I made’

‘Do it’

‘Worth every penny’

Church Flowers

‘The Academy gave me the confidence to put myself forward for church floral duties and it was the best decision I’ve taken in a long time’
Contemporary Design
‘I had a great time and learned so much. It’s so rare to find anyone teaching contemporary art in flowers’ 

“If you’re artistic, this is certainly for you.”

“We created floral arrangements to themes, colours, textures. It really gets you thinking.”

“The class you wish they had offered at school!”

Covent Garden Experience
'The grace and ease with which Gillian Wheeler demonstrated techniques was captivating.'

'The best thing to do on a Saturday in London."

'We started at the market, bought flowers and came back to make bouquets. Delightful.'

'On leaving the market, we returned to the beautiful Academy and left in the skilled hands of Madeleine Mukherjee and Justina. Madeleine has decades’ worth of floristry knowledge (and has made floral arrangements for The Queen, no less) and is a gentle, encouraging teacher who managed to impart masses of knowledge through the day and never made me feel as though I was failing, even when I struggled. She’s incredible. Justina is equally lovely and caring in her approach to the students, and was really helpful in helping my shape my bouquet. They made a great team.'

'We then went on to-create-a buttonhole; a fascinating construction involving several different types of wire and green tape, which I loved making. I think buttonholes will be the first thing I attempt to make at home.'

'If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for a London girl who seems to have everything, buy her a flower design course at the Covent Garden Academy of Flowers.'
Christmas Course

“I’m so excited about having people over this year. I have a mantelpiece arrangement done, my table ready and candles glistening with glitter.”

“Brings Christmas to life.”

“I’ll never buy a wreath again.”

“I made my own wreath, filled with ilex berries, ivy, garlic heads and dried clementines. Then my neighbour asked me to do it all over again when he saw mine!”

“We filled garlands, wreaths, created table centres, adorned candles with festive cinnamon and all to the sound of Christmas Carols.”

“I live in Australia and I came to London for this course. It is the quintessential British Christmas experience. One day I left and it snowed. Absolutely perfect.”

“I learnt about so many little things I can do for the home this Christmas with items I already own and for absolutely no money whatsoever. I’m so grateful.”

“Thank you Gillian and Madeleine. This is an early Christmas present!”

Christmas Table Arrangement
“After my mother saw what I did at the Academy, she’s informed me that I’m designing the table this Christmas.”

“Festive songs, glittering hydrangea heads and twinkling candles. The best Christmas experience ever.”

“Feeling very festive now having made something for my Christmas table and having listened to Frank Sinatra’s warm tones throughout the class.”

“I’m coming back to do the Christmas Course. I want to learn more tricks!”

Flowers and Jewellery
“I’m so impressed what you can do with a cinnamon stick, wire, coffee beans and a little bit of guidance from Cedric Ang, who takes a thoroughly interesting class.”

“I feel I could sell the pieces I made today. Look so complicated, but so easy to do.”

“Able to pass my creations to my young daughter who loves wearing the necklace Mummy made out of feathers.”

“You have to try it.”

Flowers, Vases and Containers

“Two days of heaven.”

“So interesting. I’ve been doing all the wrong things. Now I’m doing it right and know a whole lot more now, too.”

“Day Two began with going to the market, my very favourite thing.”

“Taught how props and vases really help flowers come to life.”

“I’d never used oasis but now I know its value and worth in flower-arranging.”

“Makes you think about how you would design something lavish and outstanding for a hotel reception desk or similar. It’s a thoroughly creative course and you can learn from all your other fellow students.”
Hand Ties & Posies
‘My mother and I went together and left with four bouquets which we spiralled, wrapped and bagged ourselves. We were so proud’

‘The perfect day out’

‘Bouquets are not as easy to tie as they seem, and the teachers were so helpful at all the various stages’

‘A skill for life’

Four Day Intensive Floral Design
‘I learnt a lot in my four days. Everything inspired me and the teachers were so helpful’


‘The Academy has that very rare mixture of things, a beautiful setting, great teachers and whole lot of inspiration’

‘It’s not just flowers, but numbers and marketing, too. It’s an all-round great course’

‘I loved our trip to the New Covent Garden Flower market. Gillian introduced us to her trusted contacts and all her tips on what to buy and when’

‘It was so hard to leave!’

‘I strongly recommend it’

‘There’s a lot to learn, but the timetable allows a lot of practice and therefore confidence. Brilliant’

‘The business afternoon helped me set up my own company in the end. Invaluable’

Mixing Flowers and Candles
“The perfect course to complete in the Christmas run-up”

Mothers Day
“The best thing to do with your mother on Mother’s Day.”

“My mum was so happy!”

“Cakes, teacups, Ella Fitzgerald, roses, teacups and bouquets. The perfect day!”

“The Academy is run by a mother a daughter, Gillian and Fleur, and you could really tell this was a special day for that very reason.”
Spring Flowers

‘A wonderful way to spend the day’

‘Taught me the importance of the seasons in the flower world’

‘Gorgeous tulips, hyacinths and ranunculus’

Summer Flowers
“Best time of year for flowers!”

“We made bouquets from peonies, lavender and avalanche roses. Sublime.”

“Teaches you the importance of the seasons.”

Tables for Home and Events 
“In three hours I made an arrangement that I then brought to someone’s house for dinner. Everyone was gobsmacked.”
“I can’t quite believe what I was able to make!”

“We used ivy, its berries, select roses and hyacinths to make exquisite round table centre rings. I was a complete beginner and was so impressed with myself.”
Three Day Taster Part One
‘Relaxed, informative, fun. The ideal formula for something completely new’

‘Having never worked with flowers, it was great to have such freedom in choosing any stem I wanted to use’

‘You have your pick of the flowers and foliage when creating, meaning you are entirely in charge of your creations’

‘Encouraging and friendly’

‘It is the best beginner course out there’

‘I thought I would only enjoy the day when we learned to tie bouquets, but I was surprised at how much I loved working with Oasis, especially the Topiary class’

‘Loved it! Definitely doing Part Two’

‘If you’re thinking about a career in flowers, this is the best course to get you going’

Three Day Taster Part Two
“If you’ve done Part One, you have to do Part Two.”

“Everything we learnt in Part One was taken on to the next level. Everything became that little bit more intricate and advanced. Perfect.”

“The pace was as inviting as it was on the Part One course. We all moved at a comfortable rate and ended up learning so much more than we expected.”

“My wiring went on to the next level and after having just made buttonholes in Part One, we moved on to headdresses and corsages.”

“My first experience designing to a brief with a budget. Shows you exactly what florists have to do day in, day out.”
Vintage Flowers
‘We used the prettiest flowers, some I’d never seen before. Lilac roses and aged pink hydrangeas. Gorgeous!’

‘Teacups, teacups, teacups!’

‘It’s amazing what you can do with just one wrap of miniature spray roses’

‘We made bouquets similar to the ones seen on Downton Abbey and other period dramas. A dream come true’
Wedding Bouquet
“I made my niece’s bridal bouquet after doing this course. I couldn’t have done it with it.”

“So interesting to realise which flowers work best for this kind of arrangement. I had no idea. There are longer-lasting, daintier flowers than others. Thanks to Madeleine who took us through it all.”

“In three hours, I was ready to make a wedding bouquet for anyone who needed one. Really inspired!”

“I had already done the Mixing Candles and Flowers course and was met with exactly the same gentle, patient teaching approach which makes the Academy stand out from the rest.”
Two Day Wedding Course
‘I just loved it’

‘I ended up making my own wedding bouquet!’

‘Buttonholes are so difficult to make, but I’m proud to say that I mastered it. Thanks especially to the excellent Madeleine who taught me how not to lose my nerve with wiring!’

‘It really teaches you the hard work that goes behind the planning, the sourcing, the designing of bridal flowers’

‘I’m coming back with my bridesmaid’